Taikyoku Igo – Goliath SHVC-IA Japan JPN Import Nintendo Super Famicom SFC


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You are looking at the Nintendo Super Famicom Game 

 Taikyoku Igo – Goliath SHVC-IA


My goal is to give the world a little taste of Japan. Here is your chance to have another little taste.

If you are a collector then this would make a fine addition to your collection. There are many games that were never even released outside Japan, and even the games that were released outside Japan are sometimes very different in gameplay. Japanese games are also a good way to study reading Japanese. Perhaps you are just a gamer, in that case sit back and play away! Obviously these are not in production anymore so get them while you can, they will only get more rare and go up in value!

Additional information

Title(s): Taikyoku Igo – Goliath SHVC-IA
Format:Japanese (you should have a Japanese system to play Japanese edition games).
Condition: Used Cartridge only (Most cartridges are yellowed/discolored on the back side with age but fully functional.)
Year: 1993
Game Type:  Table
Company: Bullet Proof
Language: Japanese
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