Super Mario Bros. Wii figure collection with SECRET and Variations 14 Furuta


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 Furuta Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Wii figure 2012 complete collection.


All 14 toys are included, including the super secret BLUE fire Mario.

These toys are originaly sold blind boxed so you have no idea what toy you are actually buying. I have gone ahead and found all figures and offer them here. The toys are sent unassembled. Boxes are included and sent flattened.

Originally they are sold in a chocolate egg.

The chocolate is not included as I had to eat it to find out which toys were inside..

Well I didn’t have to EAT it.. I could have thrown it in the garbage. But that would have been a waste wouldn’t it?




If you happen to be living in Japan I would be happy to arrange a pick up or meeting location, please email me to make arrangements. The buyer will pay the total cost of shipping. That also includes the price of any materials I have to buy to ship the item. I try to keep costs low by recycling boxes/packing materials as often as possible but not at the expense of quality or the safety of your item. The buyer may be responsible to pay duty, tax or other customs fees in your own country. I have no control over this or any delays you may encounter. If you have won a high value auction I recommend requesting insurance as it will give you a tracking number and peace of mind. Please keep in mind the time difference, a Friday for you may already be Saturday for me.

Airmail service will typically take about 5-15 days and does not include a tracking number.


EMS express service is also available upon request. 

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