About Us

We have been selling Japanese goods to the world since 2008. In 2012 we were happy to be one of the pioneering retailers to accept Bitcoin and in 2017 continued the mission to bring finical freedom to the world by focusing on Bitcoin Cash support.

Special Requests

Are you looking for something from Japan and can not find it locally or online that will ship to you?  Perhaps you want next year’s Mc Donald’s Pokemon Calendar or the Japan Post office’s limited edition Super Mario stamp set, perhaps you want to sample a limited edition flavor like Cucumber Pepsi?  Feel free to contact us with your request and we will give you an estimate on how possible it is to purchase something. Please note that the cost is often higher than people expect. If the item has to be shipped from the seller to our shop those shipping costs are also the responsibility of the buyer. Items that are widely available across Japan would not have to be shipped to us and would not include added shipping costs.

Special request items can not be returned for any reason.

Returns and Refund policy

Refunds and returns are accepted within 14 days. Defective items can be replaced if stock is available. Returns are available for second hand items and unopened NEW items. Opened new items and food items can not be returned.  Special request order items that we do not carry as our own stock can not be returned.  Please contact for more details.


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